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Recent advances in material processing techniques enable the fabrication of heterogeneous materials systems with highly complex micro and nanostructure. As the characteristic length scale of these materials becomes smaller and smaller, surface and interface effects dominate response and significant scientific challenges arise in terms of characterizing mechanical properties, performance and reliability. Our research group seeks to understand the mechanical behavior of a variety of complex, heterogeneous materials through meso, micro and nanoscale characterization of deformation and failure mechanisms.

Featured Publications

End-of-life upcycling of polyurethanes using a room temperature, mechanism-based degradation

Nature Chemistry 2023

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Frontal Polymerization of Dihydrofuran Comonomer Facilitates Thermoset Deconstruction

Chem. Mater. 2023

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Buoyancy-Induced Convection Driven by Frontal Polymerization

Phys. Rev. Lett. 2023

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Efficient Manufacture, Deconstruction, and Upcycling of High-Performance Thermosets and Composites

ACS Appl. Eng. Mater.. 2023

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